two 1972 Honda 750s for sale in Alabama 8/2015

Sold as a pair: $37,500

orange 1972 Honda 750  1972 Honda 750 orange right side

brown 1972 Honda 750  Honda 750 1972 brown

engine Honda 750 1972 brown

  Honda CB750 K2 Collectors and Investors

Honda CB750 K2 Collectors and Investors, this is an extremely rare opportunity to own/invest
in a pair of showroom quality 1972 restorations. The bikes are available in each color for the
US 1972 year model, Briar Brown Metalic Code LU and Flake Sunrise Orange Code LV.
Contrary to popular belief, Candy Gold was not an option on the 72 year model in the United States.

Both bikes have been meticulously restored with precise attention to every detail using new OEM Honda parts.
The engine rebuilds were done by a "Master" Honda mechanic who actually worked for Honda in the '70s time period.
The bikes come with complete photo documentation and parts list. The bikes are always covered during the
restoration process to eliminate any dust on the components. Our restorations are "head and shoulders" above
the competition, all parts are 95% new Honda parts or completely reconditioned original parts to factory specs.

I am available to answer calls or emails about the specifics as needed.

I will compare these bikes to any on the market up to and including some "museum" quality restorations.
The bikes will continue to increase in value and will be a great investment.
Having a pair of the 1972 model will be highly collectable, extremely rare and valuable.

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Honda750Expert has not seen or inspected these 750s.
All text, details and photos are as given by seller. This page is simply a courtesy posting.

Here's some generic facts about 1972 Honda 750s:

1972 Honda 750 K2   64,000 made
November 1971 to September 1972
1972 orange Honda 750
American colors:
Brier Brown Metallic (color code LU),
Flake Sunrise Orange (color code LV)
--Why bigger paint sparkles in Orange?:
because Flake Sunrise Orange (used 72-74) used a
Candy Orange topcoat color over a FLAKE Silver basecoat--

gold honda 750 gas tank black stripeorange tank Honda 750blue tank Honda 750
Alternate colors reported in other countries:

Silver Metallic, Candy Gold,
Purple Metallic
, Blue Metallic (Europe/Japan)

new: warning lights in a unit
on handlebar clamps 72-76
Honda 750 idiot lights
new: bigger tail light
tail light lens 1973 Honda 750
new: audible turn signal buzzer
Honda 750 turn buzer
new: metal chain guard
new: headlight holders chrome 72-78
Honda 750 headlight 1973
new: headlight shell is black 72-78
new: gauges have metal casings 72-78
new: larger reflectors on front forks 72-78
new: a continuous chrome grab rail from top
of one rear shock to another, extending behind seat
toward tail light, rear signals mounted on this 72-78
grab rail Honda 750
new: seat opens using a key 72-78
new: quieter '341' mufflers
Honda 750 341 exhaust 1972-1976
new: one-tooth front sprocket change, now 530 18/48 72-76
new: plastic document door under seat 72-78
new: grips 72-76
correct handlebar grip 1972-1976 Honda 750
new: a stop was added the brake pedal 72-76
Honda 750 brake pedal stopper
Honda Product Code: 341
1972 Frame # CB750- 2000001 -
1972 Engine # CB750E- 2000001 -

Note: additional minor variations, different part numbers, changes and/or crossovers may have occurred within some shown or listed types.

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