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Thanks for your recent  Honda 750 questions and Honda 750 expert comments comments!

"Just a compliment.......just stumbled upon this site......
Having been a Honda Parts Manager from 1968 to 1989,
and owner of 1978 K, A, F models,
I can state this is the best site and most informed compilation of information I've ever seen........
vast information not seen anywhere..... I appreciate it......."

Wow! Hi All,
As a die hard CB750 fan and rebuilder, this sight is an absolute sparkling diamond.

I was hunting for info on HM300 exhaust, I have a set that has no
number bar the no 1 cylinder pipe which only has HM300 stamped on it.
The others are also the long baffle type but no numbers.

Your site info has cleared the air regarding those pipes.

Amazing reading and I thought I knew a lot about CB750 SOHC models.
Goes to show… never get complacent.
Thank you and Thank you again."  
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

"Your section called Quick Tip #1 answered questions I've wondered about since the 1980s!"

"I'm in Missouri. You helped me by phone identify the fork & brake parts I needed. Thanks."

"Dear 750 Expert:
Thanks for
your great website and the very informative and useful Restoration Guide.
If you don't mind,
I have a question that I can't find an answer to. Could you possibly help?
I just recently purchased a beautiful 1977 CB750K. It has a non-functioning horn, it's damaged,

and needs to be replaced. I know the original part number, 38110-392-621) is no longer available,
so I am hunting for a very close look-alike horn. Do you have a suggestion for a replacement,
or possibly a photo of a known original horn? I can't seem to find a photo that clearly shows
the horn and its mount. I'm a fanatic for factory stock motorcycles from the 1970's,
that's why I would like to replace the horn with the best available reproduction.
Thanks very much for your help. and keep up the good work! (South Carolina)

"OMG! I drooled as I scrolled the site and the visual Honda 750 Buyer's Guide. Fantastic information."

"No nonsense or BS chit-chat, just the Honda 750 restoration data I badly needed. F'in excellent site."

"One fact from your site saved me from making a $300 mistake yesterday. Thank you!"

"Kudos to having the surprise spot-on photos about little details-- worth a thousand words each.
They solved a mystery I couldn't get answered anywhere else I searched on the Internet.
Your knowledge, work and research is greatly appreciated."

"I read this site occasionally, for help or sometimes just for fun. It's amazing what you have!"

"After fully restoring at least five 750s, I'm good, but I didn't know half of what you reveal".

"I'm restoring a 1976 CB750K and was wondering if you had any suggestions
on how to remove and install a new gas cap without destroyng the paint job.
I would appreciate any advice".

"Your site was like candy for my eyeballs! I have a 1973 Honda 750". (California)

"Good morning. I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction...
I've got a 76 K that I'm redoing (not a meticulous restoration or anything)
in Wisconsin, and I need a new set of cases.
Do you know what years of cases I can substitute? Thanks for your time"

"Hello from Australia-- 1975 CB750. Hi there, would you be able to tell me what
colour the front brake master cylinder should be on a 1975 CB750 (USA model) please?
I have seen photos of black, red (ish) and silver. My tank is the Blue Metallic colour. Cheers."

"A phenomenal and valuable 750 site-- a stunning visual reference, not just text.
Your QUICK TIP 9 verified that a used custom-painted tank I bought was indeed
from an older model than the seller told me. I've changed Honda 750 oil probably a
hundred times but I still learned from your QUICK TIP 21. Keep up the good work.
There is nothing like this anywhere else-- I'll watch for copy-cats!"

"I'm calling from Louisiana. Can you tell me what year my tank is?
It is a repainted candy red with no stripe (not factory). It has a Honda sticker of
white letters on each side (not factory), not an attached raised emblem (not factory).
It has the recall-added external replacement chrome keylock (added later to any 69-76).
The petcock is on the right side (69-74), the older two-screw model (69-74).
Side covers have the newer 750 Four emblem of white letters on a black background (73-76).
Frame says 11/73 (1974), but on engine by shifter there is no shift pattern known as on 1974 models.
It is small rear turn signals are both on grab rail (72-74)."

"The 'Insider Tip' revealed inside the 'Quick Tip 1' section has now about
doubled the number of years of replacement side covers I can use!
I can now order a 'cheaper' year because I now know the years secret. Thanks so much."

"Hi there, I'm having problem locating the rubber mount and the small metal surround for that
rubber mount that is used for attaching the turn signal to the grab rail for a 1975 Honda 750K.
Would you have any at all? I need both left and right if you have a sou

"Hi 750 Expert, I bought a 1975 CB750 to restore, when I started working on the carburetors
I noticed someone had change the #4 carburetor, it’s not a #4 it belongs in the # 2 spot.
Carburetors 1, 2 and 3 are stamped with the numbers 357-A  KB. I can’t find a 357-A  KB.
Will a 357-B  ALG work? What do the letters mean? I also want to put original tires on it.
Can you recommend something? Thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards. (Gainesville GA)"

"What an incredible information source."

"Dear 750 Expert, I recently acquired a 78 CB 750 Super Sport. It is really good shape for its age.
The PO passed away and I bought the bike from his brother.
He handed me the countershaft sprocket and told me he did not have the bolt(see pics).
I am having a hard time identifying the bolt/thrust washer.
It seems that they have several variations.
I was wondering if you could identify the size of the bolt/washer for me?
I would appreciate it. The motor cranks over, strong battery, but weak spark.
I cleaned and reset the points to around .015 any other ideas? Thanks."

"First off, your site  is well done and very concise! Thank you for doing that.
So, I have the “orphan 78” and no one has parts for it.
Needing valves, guides, springs and valve gaskets. So any help would be appreciated.
engine # is in rough , but i think i got it - cb750E 3009xxx. Vehicle Id cb750k2808xxx".

"I'm restoring a 1976 750 and would like to know if the lower crank case
is painted as well as the upper crank case. Are the barrels and head painted?
Thank you for your time. Kind regards."

" bike doesn't have the 1n2345 on case cover..i notice others don't either.why is that ?
.I will send u my engine u know if carbs. from a 77--78 model work on a 1973 cb 750 ?
...also what is the selling value if I want 2 sell..? is all original except for the pipes...
it is a 4into 1 system...flake sunrise orange color..i love old cb them..favorite bike...
I am building a cb750 with a  TC BROTHERS REAR END[HARD TAIL] will be a regular cb 750 except for the hard much do u think that would be worth?
...ok..well thank u very much for ur ur site about the I've ever seen...."

"Hi, I have a 1976 Honda CB750K, and I need to change the oil line hoses.
My question is there a gasket that needs to be used where the hose connects to the crankcase?
If so, any idea where to fine them? Also, any helpful hint on changing them out?"

"Hi!, writing you from Spain. Thank you very much for your very helpful web!!
Just bought my 750 four K5. I know that there is a chance that what
I am thinking to do is going to be consider as criminal act but . . . .
I do love much more the K0 to K3 painting looks and
planing to repaint my bike in such shape (sorry!!!)
My favoite color is grey and I would appreciate if you can tell me the eventual
different codes Honda used in the Four in order to use, at least an original color . . .
Thank you very much for your help (even if you consider me as a criminal!!!)

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