Original Owner 1971 Honda 750
for sale in Roanoake VA

stored indoors, chrome crashbar, sissy bar, repainted tank with goldleaf, hasn't run in 20 years

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Honda750Expert has not seen or inspected this 750.
All details and photos are as given by seller. This page is simply a courtesy posting.

Here's some generic facts about 1971 Honda 750s:

Honda 750 K1  77,000 made
August 1970 to November 1971
(highest number sold)
Honda 1972 750 gold
America colors:
Candy Ruby Red (color code CM),
Candy Gold (color code CQ),
Valley Green Metallic (color code EF),
Candy Garnet Brown (color code EE),

--(these were topcoat colors all over Candy Silver basecoats)--

(all used white-lettered tank emblems)
red gas tank honda 750Honda 750 gold gas tankgreen honda 750 gas tankbrown tank Honda 750blue tank Honda 750
Alternate colors reported:
Polynesian Blue Metallic, Candy Blue-Green (Europe/Japan)

new: side covers smaller and no vents 71-76
new: dual-cable throttle system 71-78
new: a stronger, black air filter box 71-78
black air box 1976 Honda 750
new: chrome '750-Four' side cover emblems 71-72
side cover emblem 1971-1972 Honda 750
new: glass lenses on gauges 71-78
new: black caliper 71-76
Honda 750 black caliper 1971-1976
new: HONDA emblems on tank are white letters 71-72
tank emblem Honda 750 1971-1972
new: front fender has a rolled edge 71-78
new: 3-tooth rear sprocket change,
now 530 17 front / 48 rear  71 only
new: mirrors no longer have acorn cap nuts 71-78
new: speedmeter increments of 20mph (20, 40, 60)
new: flat seat (non-ducktail) 71-76
Honda Product Code: 300
1971 Frame # CB750-1044650 -
1971 Engine # CB750E-1044806 -

Note: additional minor variations, different part numbers, changes and/or crossovers may have occurred within some shown or listed types.


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