1970 Honda 750
for sale in San Antonio TX

Honda750Expert.com 1970 Honda 750Honda 750 for sale 1970 red

1200 original miles on it. Paint fading. Not seized. 10230xx.
In a barn about 40 years. More details and photos to follow.

Contact 210 307-7066

Owner tells: "For sale is my 1970 CB750-K0 (VIN CB75010230xx).
This bike was found in a barn in east Texas, where it had been living for the past 40 years.
The bike has 1,200 original miles. All parts are original with minimal to no damage.
The motor turns over just fine and has great compression.
The paint has some fading and the tank has a small ding.
The bike was amazingly preserved over the past 4 decades with no rust to be found.
I am on the fence whether to restore the machine to showroom condition or not,
so at this time I plan to see what it is worth to someone in it's current condition.
That being said, I am in no rush to sell it. I have a good idea of what the motorcycle is worth,
so I am entertaining offers at this point. It will be put on ebay in a few days, but is open for offers at this time. 
Feel free to call with any questions. 210-307-7066"

Honda750Expert has not seen or inspected this 750.
All details and photos are as given by seller. This page is simply a courtesy posting.

Here's some generic facts about 1970 Honda 750s:

1969-1970 Honda 750 K0  53,000 made
US first release was June 1969
Honda 750 red 1972
America colors:
Candy Blue-Green (color code: AZ),
Candy Gold (color code: CQ),
Candy Ruby Red
(color code: CM)
--these were topcoat colors all over Candy Silver basecoats)--

(all used black-lettered tank emblems)
blue gas tank honda 750 1969Honda 750 gold tank black emblemred gas tank Honda 750 1969

Retail advertised price new was $1495,
but most sold new for $1800-$2000
Silver-colored caliper 69-70
caliper Honda 750 1969-1970
Acrylic plastic lenses on gauges 69-70
speedometer Honda 750 1969 plastic
Air-filter case same color as gas tank 69-70
Honda 750 air box blue
HONDA emblems on tank are black letters 69-70
tank emble, Honda 750 1969-1970
Mirrors have chrome acorn capnuts at top of stem 69-70
mirror acorn Honda 750 1969-1970
Warning lights in gauges 69-71
Honda 750 warning lights 1969-1971
Rear turn signals mounted to rear of frame top 69-71
                                      rear signal 750 honda                                      
Plastic chain guard 69-71
plastic chain guard for Honda 750 1969-1971
Headlight shell and headlight holders
are same color as gas tank 69-71
Honda 750 headlight 1971
Seat latch does not require a key to open 69-71
seat latch on frame of 1971 gold Honda 750
Stripe high on gas tank 69-72
blue gas tank honda 750 1969
Ignition key below gas tank 69-76
1969-1976 Honda 750 ignition switch location
Choke lever on carb set 69-76
Honda 750 choke lever

100-link 530 chain 69-76
Heat-shields on upper exhausts 69-76
Chrome cover on rear shocks 69-76
Polished oil tank cap exposed 69-76
18" rear wheels 69-76
Stripe on tanks was either black or
gold depending on tank color 69-72

Honda 750 gold tank black emblem
530 sprockets 17 front / 45 rear 69-70
Wiring inside handlebars 69-76
1969-1976 Honda 750 handlebar center wiring hole
Dunlop Gold Seal tires,
4.00 x 18 K87 rear, 3.25 x 19 F6 front 69-70
'Ducktail' seat 69-70
Honda 750 ducktail seat 1969-1970
grips 1969-1971
correct handlebar grip for 1969-1971 Honda 750
front turn signals mounted parallel with headlight center 69-76
Honda 750 headlight 1971
chrome-cap horn 1969-1976
horn chrome Honda 750
swingarm has two push-in grease-fittings,
one at each end of the swingarm pivot bolt 1969-1975

swingarm grease fitting 1969-1975
Honda Product Code: 300
Frame # CB750- 1000001 -
Engine # CB750E-1000001 -
(some warranty-replacement
engine cases had no serial number)

Note: additional minor variations, different part numbers, changes and/or crossovers may have occurred within some shown or listed types.


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