10/74 Honda 750 for sale in Taft California

  Honda 750 for sale for sale Honda 750
front of Honda 750 for sale Honda 750 for sale gauges rear of Honda 750 for sale

Not running. Last registered 1988. Blue gauge faces.
Extended forks. Possible K0 caliper and/or extended forks.
Saddle bags. Extended handlebars. Aftermarket seat.
No pink slip (no ownership title), no old registration.
Kickstart works, engine not seized. Key moved to above tank.
Many pieces are aftermarket and or are from different year 750s.
Four into one aftermarket exhaust. Petcock gas valve on right side.

Call Richard Parker at 408 444-0056 or email him at rparker71892@gmail.com

More photos and information may be posted here soon.

Honda750Expert has not seen or inspected this 750.
All details and photos are as given by seller. This page is simply a courtesy posting.

Here's some generic facts about 1975 Honda 750s:

1975 Honda 750 K5   35,000 made
May 1974 to December 1974
Honda 750 blue 1975
America colors:
Flake Apricot Red (color code UE)
Planet Blue Metallic
(color code MV)
1975 Honda 750 apricot1975 Honda 750 planet blue

new: fuel tap now on left side of tank
new: bigger turn signals
turn signal lens Honda 750 1975-1978
new: rounded passenger footpegs
new: no more friction adjustment for twistgrip
(this throttle grip tightening screw discontinued
--some had called this a 'cruise control'--)75-78

new: gauge faces are dark green
new: side-stand has a rubber 'kick-up' tip 75-78
new: new-style fuel valve gas petcock 75-78
new: speedometer increments of 10mph (10, 20, 30,)
Honda Product Code: 341
1975 Frame # CB750- 25000001 -
1975 Engine # CB750E- 2372115 -

Note: additional minor variations, different part numbers, changes and/or crossovers may have occurred within some shown or listed types

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